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Distributed in the old city of Allahabad are the areas known as Attarsuyia, Chowk, Daragunj, Dariyabad, etc which are also called as mohallas, which have been so named since the era of Akbar. There are some structures and monuments since those times and some of these are Khusro Bagh in the area of the railway station, the Old Fort which is found in the Yamuna river banks and the temple of Nag-Vasuki in Daragung. Places like Tagore Town, George Town, Ashok nagar, etc are newly built localities in Allahabad which are also the residential places while the market places are found in Katra and Chowk.

In terms of area and population, the city of Allahabad is comparatively large. The area that belongs to the Allahabad is quite large, where there is a peninsula made in the inlands as the three rivers meet, and one side is connected to the mainland. Many areas inside the city of Allahabad and in the outskirts known as satellite cities are found in the region, with crossings over the rivers of Ganges and Yamuna. Many other cities are found in the Allahabad district apart from the city of Allahabad itself.

Urban areas in Allahabad are possible to be divided into 3 parts:

Old City

This is the commercial space of Allahabad. Population density is quite high in the area, where the roadside areas are market corridors and roads are used for transporting goods.

New City

This part is located around the civil lines from the time of the british rule. The planning has been done in proper manner with diagonal and gridiron pattern roads which are lined by trees. Many educational institutions are found here along with the Public Service Commission of UP, High Court, many other offices, cantonment areas and gardens and parks. Malls and shopping complexes are also found in this region.

Outer Growth Areas

Included under the outer areas, there are many satellite towns which are connected by the highways and have many places along the river ganges and Yamuna. Such cities are Naini, Phaphamau and Jhunsi, to name a few.
Areas of Allahabad.

  • Chowk, Allahabad
  • Mumfordgunj
  • Daragunj
  • Allahapur
  • Allahabad civil lines
  • Katra
  • Alopibagh
  • Sohbatiabagh
  • Tagore town
  • George town
  • Teliyargunj
  • Kareli, Allahabad
  • North malaka
  • Colonelgunj
  • South Malaka
  • Bai-ka-Bagh
  • Kydgunj
  • Chatham lines
  • Allengunj
  • Muriabad
  • Dariyabad
  • Bairana
  • Rajapur
  • Ashok nagar
  • Mutthigunj
  • Khuldabad
  • Bahadurgunj
  • Dhoomangunj
  • Darbhanga
  • Lukergunj
  • Attarsuiya
  • Khusrobagh
  • Sulem sarai
  • Govindpur
  • Rambagh
  • Rajrooppur
  • Meerapur
  • Satti Chaura
  • Kalindipuram ADA colony
  • Bank road Coloney in Allahabad
  • ADA colony

Satellite cities and areas of Allahabad:

  • Jhunsi
  • Phaphamau
  • Naini
  • Bamrauli
  • Siadabad
  • Chail tehsil
  • Jagatpur crossing
  • Hanuman gunj

Nearyby villages and townships of Allahabad city within the Allahabad district:

  • Phulpur
  • Meja tehsil
  • Mau aima
  • Karchhana
  • Laund Khurd in Bara
  • Lalgopalganj
  • Lohgara