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The council of International Consumer Rights Protection works after registering as an NGO and provides guidance and reviews to the consumers, who are aggrieved with complaints. Although consumer courts don’t work through mean of branches, it is the intercommunication with the internet that people’s complaints can be attended to in any part of the world.
It is the principle of consumer courts in Allahabad not to seek money or advertisements. No lavish seminars are held on behalf of the consumer courts. It has been long 15 years since the Allahabad consumer court hads been working to relief the consumers from their complaints within a small budget.

People should first be aware of the manner in which the complaint is filed with the ICRPC by mean so sending a mail at the id of procedure@consumer grievance.com and a reply to this mail is received in 2 minutes. People cannot call through telephone to give complaints or for information about the procedure. No entry is allowed without prior permission.

Since people can be guided by step to step process, lawyers are not required.

In the website, one can avail of the services of MRTPC, lok adalat, RTI act, consumer court address, ombudsam, all being through the nonpayment.

Phone Number Of Allahabad Consumer Court:  0532-2548598

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