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The city of Allahabad is among the largest in the cities of Uttar Pradesh as well as the holiest, which in ancient times was called as prayagraj. The city was named so in the year 1583 by akbar the mughal emperor. The name is actually derived from Allah, which in Arabic and islam meant god.


Allahabad is a city with diverse population but all of them have the common unified spirit. Being a resident of such a world famous holy place, people of Allahabad spend a major time in indulging in holy things.


In Allahabad, the common languages spoken among people are hindi, English and Urdu, although hindi is the official language.

Fair And Festivals

Among the various festivals and fairs held in the north india, the greatest significance is that of Kumbh Mela. Since time immemorial, the kumbh mela has had a great influence on the common man of india, in their religious minds and imagination. Held once in every 3 years, as by policy of rotation, kumbh mela is usually organized in the banks of the rivers of Godavari in the city of Nasik, Ganga in Haridwar, Shipra in Ujjain and Sangam in Allahabad. But the biggest kumbh is held once in every 12 years only at Allahabad which is the Purna Kumbh mela. If this particular kumbh is falling on a Monday, then the name is Somvati Amavasya, when the spiritual significance is increased many times. Ardh Kumbh follows the Purna Kumbah if the importance aspect is considered and is organized once in every six years with more than million of devotees collect at the banks of the holy rivers at Allahabad, and brave the cold, hunger, disease and other difficulties to attain salvation and satisfaction.

Magh mela is another fair that is usually held in month of February.