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In the year 1803, the Allahabad district court was established and it was near the Yamuna Christian College in allahabad.

District court of Allahabad was set up in 1870 after the functioning was started in high court of Allahabad in 1868.

Criminal Justice

It is under the power of the session court to start the proceedings that were taken up by criminal courts. Besides the sessions court, there are other additional session courts numbering 14 while the fast track courts are 8 in number.
Special courts are two in number namely the SC/ST Act special court and E.C. Act special court.

Other courts located in the district court complex are those of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, additional chief judicial magistrates numbering 11 and simple judicial magistrates numbering 4, who are mostly dealing in criminal cases. There is also the court for the special chief judicial magistrate.

Civil Justice

The appellate court for hearing civil cases is that of the court of district judge along with 14 additional courts of additional district judges.

SD civil judges and JD civil judges deal with the main civil cases, as per the weightage of the cases.

Additional civil judges of senior division and junior division civil judges are found in these courts for civil cases.