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Patliputra Temple

This temple is situated underground, within the Allahabad fort, where the immortal tree or Akshaya Vat is found. It is said as per ancient anecdotes that this temple was visited by Lord Rama. Chinese writer and traveler Hiuen Tsang visited this temple when he came to India.

Hanuman Temple

This hanuman Temple in Allahabad is considered to be quite unique in this part of India, because of the supine position of the idol. The Lord Hanuman image is in a reclining position. When there is overflowing and tumultuous water in the Ganges, this temple is submerged as it is located very near to Sangam.

All Saint’s Cathedral

The All Saint’s Cathedral is quite magnificent, first designed in 1870 by Sir William Emerson and it was in coming years destroyed. Due to the white stones being decorated with dressing of red stone, the cathedral has an angelic look and one of its kinds in Asia. The marble altar is one of the very attractive features of this cathedral for everyone visiting this place with intricate carvings and mosaic work.

Trinity Church

In 1839, the Holy Trinity Church was built when Lieutanant Sharp directed its construction under the designer Major Smith. This was the first church to be constructed in Allahabad. The art work done here is of finest type, with inspirations from Gibb’s version of St. Martin-in-fields and with tablets from the mutiny of 1843 and again in 1857. Bishop David Wilson christened the church in 1841 on February 19th, thereby naming it as Holy Trinity Church.

Shiv Kuti

Shiv Kuti is the place according to mythology, where lord Shiva was prayed by Lord Rama, while he was going for the exile from his hometown of Ayodhya, after this troupe crossed the ganges. At this place on the side of the ganges near Rambag is the Shiva temple since many years. The resort of Rambag was established by Ramcharandas Tandon in 1898. There is a large space for conduct of Mela besides the temple, which is being encroached upon by people to build houses, which has been more in the recent years, but with lack of sufficient growth in civic facilities.