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Sangam River

From city’s Civil Lines area, the Triveni Sangam is about 7 kms away and is the city’s most sought after attraction by the tourists. The three rivers of saraswati, Yamuna and ganges meet at this point and according to anecdotes, holy nectar drops also fell in this particular place.

Triveni is considered as the most holy place of Allahabad so that a dip in holy waters frees people of their sins as is believed. When tourists come to sangam, they can take the boat services and bath in the holy water. In the ghats, the boats are available, which is located adjacent to the eastern side of the fort. During the Kumbh mela as well as Ardh Mela, the area of the sangam is highly crowded.

Visitors can avail the boats at a cost of 30.05 INR per person. Officially the price has been fixed at around Rs 99.58 to Rs 119.77 but people sometimes have to pay around Rs 249.41 during the heavy rush mela seasons.

Ganges River

Ganges is the longest rivers of the country as well as among the longest in the world. For Indians, this river is highly sacred, and also for the mankind in general. Since the dependency on the river is high, people consider it as a very sacred centre. Ganges has origin from the Himalayas and flows through the plains of India and Bangladesh and falls into the Bay of Bengal. Not only the river has significance in religion but has many other uses such as water provision for people living in the villages along the banks. Mentions of the river are found in Purans, Vedas, epical stories of hindus, Mahabharata and Ramayana. After death, people considered it sacred to flow the ashes in the ganges as people think that the soul is blessed by the river‘s sacredness.