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In Allahabad, the district court was set up in 1803 in the vicinity of Yamuna Christian College in Allahabad.
After the Allahabad High Court was started in 1868, the complex of the district court became function in 1870.

Criminal Justice

The function of the session court is to take up the trail after finished by the criminal courts. There is one sessions court and other 14 additional sessions court as well as fast tracks numbering 8.

Two special courts such as the E.C. Act special court and SC/ST Act special court are also found.

Also there are other courts belonging to the Chief Judicial Magistrate which is the head. The subordinate courts belong to the additional Chief Judicial Magistrates who are 11 in number and Judicial Magistrates who are 4 in number. There is also a special Chief Judicial Magistrate and all of them deal in criminal cases.

Civil Justice

The civil cases are dealt by the District Judge courts which are the appellate authorities. Additionally there are more 14 courts for the additional district judges.
The courts for SD civil judges and JD civil judges are dealing with civil cases and are the parent bodies for valuation of such cases.

Besides, there are SD additional civil judges and JD additional civil judges’ courts.

S.N. Court Detail Strength
1 Sanctioned courts 71
2 Working courts 60
3 Vacant courts 7
4 OSD Hon'ble High Court Allahabad 3
5 Under Suspension 01 

Judges / Judicial Officers
No. Name Designation
1 SHAMBHU NATH Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE) 
3 ALOK PANDEY Chief Judicial Magistrate 
4 SMT. ADESH NAIN Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate (Railway) 
5 VIJAY PAL Civil Judge (Senior Div.) 
6 TAIYYAB AHMAD Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)
7 SMT. LALITA GUPTA Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
8 DINESH TIWARI Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)
9 BHOOPESH KUMAR GUPTA Attached to District HQ from 29/08/11 
10 SUSHRI SHAILA Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
11 SUSHRI CHHAVI ASTHANA Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
12 ANIL KUMAR SETH Civil Judge (Junior Div.) West 
13 SUSHRI PARUL ANJOR Judicial Magistrate 
14 RAVISH KUMAR ATTRI Civil Judge (Junior Div.) East 
15 VIPIN KUMAR-III Judicial Magistrate 
16 DINESH CHANDRA SHUKLA Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
17 ALOK DUBEY Judicial Magistrate 
18 GYANENDRA TRIPATHI Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
19 ABHISHEK UPADHYAYA Judicial Magistrate
20 NITIN PANDEY Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
22 NIKUNJ MITTAL Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
23 SATISH CHANDRA DWIVEDI Addl. Judge Small Cause Court 
24 SURENDRA MOHAN SAHAY Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
25 SMT. NEELU SONKAR Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
26 PREMENDRA KUMAR Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
27 MOHD. ASLAM SIDDIQUI Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
28 MOHD. AHMAD KHAN Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
29 MUKESH KUMAR SINGH Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate 
30 BRIJESH KUMAR SRIVASTAVA-II District & Sessions Judge 
31 ARUN PRAKASH Addl. District & Sessions Judge
32 UMESH KUMAR Special Judge(S.C./S.T. Act)
33 CHAITANYA KUMAR KULSHRESHTHA Principal Judge, Family Court 
34 NAND LAL Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
35 VIQAR AHMED ANSARI Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
36 RAVINDRA NATH DUBEY Spl. Judge (E.C. Act)
37 SYED WAIZ MIAN Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
38 MAHTAB AHMAD Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
39 ALOK KUMAR TRIVEDI Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
40 JAI PRAKASH SINGH-II Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
41 SANTOSH KUMAR SRIVASTAVA Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
42 SITA RAM NIGAM Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
43 GAJENDRA SINGH-II Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
44 ALOK KUMAR PARASHAR Addl. Principal Judge, Family Court 
45 AMIT PAL SINGH Addl. District & Sessions Judge 
46 MOHD. MATEEN KHAN Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE)
47 DIWAKAR PRASAD CHATURVEDI Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE)
48 SUNIL KUMAR SINGH-I Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE)
49 MOHD. SHAREEF Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE) 
50 RAM KUSHAL Addl. District & Sessions Judge(Ex CADRE) 
51 SUSHRI SHIVANI SINGH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
52 SMT. ANKITA DUBEY Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
53 SMT. POONAM PATHAK Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
54 SMT. NEELIMA SINGH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
55 SMT. ASIFA RANA Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
56 SMT. SUSHIL KUMARI Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
57 ABHAY PRATAP SINGH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.) 
58 NAGESHWAR PRASAD TIWARI Special Judicial Magistrate 
59 C.S.SINGH SENGAR Special Judicial Magistrate