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There are four railway stations in the city of Allahabad and they are City Station, Prayag Station, Allahabad Junction and Daraganj station. The train connections are usually broad gauge with the linking of Delhi-Kanpur-Kolkata which reaches the Allahabad junction. Trains that arrive at the city of Allahabad are Varanasi-Allahabad-Mumbai bound Mahanagari Express, Patna-Allahabad-Kalka linking Magadh Express, Allahabad-Faizabad connecting Saryu Express, Howrah-Allahabad-Kalka linking Kalka Mail, Allahabad-New Delhi bound Prayag Raj Express, Guwahati-Allahabad-New Delhi connected by Bramaputra Express, Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai connected by Bombay Mail, New Delhi-Allahabad-Howrah linked by Rajdhani Express, Ganganagar-Allahabad-Howrah connected by Toofan Express, Allahabad-Lucknow linking by Ganga Gomti Express, Varanasi-Allahabad-Chennai linked by Ganga Kaveri Express.

List of Trains and Train Numbers From & To Allahabad City Station :26