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Jhusi (Pratisthanpuri)

For the purpose of peace of the mind and healing of body and soul, there are many temples and asharms found in the city, mostly near the Ganges banks about 9 km away from Allahabad. This place of Jhusi is reached by travel in boats, or taxis or buses.


Bhita is about 20 kms distance from Allahabad which is a archeological site having remains from the period of around 300 B.C.


About 40 kms away from Allahabad is the kingdom of the king of boatmen or Nishadraj which on excavations showed the temple belonging to Shringi Rishi. The ganges banks has a Ramchaura or a platform, which is thought to have been the resting place for a night when Lord Rama was going to the forests. This is where the feet of Lord was cleaned with water by Nishadraj before he was taken across the ganges in the boat.

Tons River Aqueduct

This is a picnic spot which is popular and located at a distance of 43 kms from Allahabad.

Upardaha lake

From the city of Allahabad, this lake is 44 km away and is highly protected lake.


Located 62 kms away from Allahabad, Kaushambi has links with the Mahabharata and was a centre for Buddhism at one time. It was the place which was visited by Lord Buddha two times to give his sermons. There is also a fort from the ancient times, now in ruins which again shows the ancient days of the place. Some monastery remains can also be found here.


At a distance of 69 kms from Allahabad and at the banks of ganga is the so called capital of the mughal province and is presently having a lot of ruins. Karadham is now famous for the Kaleshwar Mahadevji Temple and the Sheetla Mata mandir.